Abundant Rainbow Trout observed upstream of fish fences, looking to transit into Hazeltine Creek from Polley Lake to spawn. [May 2017]

Fish populations thriving at Mount Polley

Habitat modelling reveals four times more juvenile fish are expected in Hazeltine Creek post-remediation efforts Mount Polley Mining Corporation is pleased to report that fish populations are thriving at Mount Polley.  Further… Read more
Remediation at Mount Polley

Mount Polley already meets Metal and Diamond Mining Regulations

Mount Polley Mining Corporation was future ready when the federal government published new regulations amending the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations (MMER) earlier this week.  The federal regulati… Read more
Boxer at rest

The Cultural History of Copper

Copper has played an important role in the development of human civilization. Copper was discovered in several sites, and has notable industrial origins in Cyprus whose name comes from those that traded the metal as a commodity. The ancie… Read more
Mount Polley workforce

Imperial Metals congratulates recipients of the 2021 Barlow Medal for Best Geological Paper

Imperial Metals congratulates authors Chris Rees, Greg Gillstrom, and K. Brock Riedell on being the 2021 recipient of the Barlow Medal for Best Geological Paper  Imperial Metals congratulates authors Chris Rees, Greg Gillstrom, and c… Read more
Canadian Gold Bars

A Guide to Gold and gold mining

Gold is the chemical element with the symbol ‘Au’ on the periodic table of elements. It has been prized for its appearance, use, and value since its discovery by peoples long ago, as far back as 4000 B.C. The yellow metal is worth… Read more
Canadian silver coin

Silver and Silver Mining

Silver is a soft metal with many valuable properties that make it a desirable resource for reasons both practical and luxurious. The chemical element goes by the ‘Ag’ symbol on the periodic table of elements and comes with a me… Read more
Canadian mining fashion

Gold, Nickel, fashion and Canadian mining

We can’t wait until the day we have a reason to dress up again! Until then, let’s talk about how Canadian mining provides minerals that help shape fashion trends here and around the world.  Gold  has been used for making jewelry for thousand… Read more
Indium, Gold, Copper and Canadian mining

Copper, Gold, Indium, and Canadian mining in our lives

Never before in history has technology played such an integral role in our daily lives. From Zoom meetings on our iPads, to multi-monitor at-home workstations, to celebrating a holiday with our loved ones through a screen, our devices are… Read more

Mount Polley is Canadian Mining, Hockey is Canada’s sport

Hockey is Canada’s Sport! And mining plays a big role in making the sport possible. Hockey sticks, skates and nets are all made of materials mined in Canada. The most popular hockey sticks are one-piece composite sticks — typically o… Read more
Roman copper coins

The History of Copper

Part 1 None of the great cultures in the period of history before the Middle Ages could have prospered without mastering copper and its metallurgy.  Copper was one of the first metals used by humans, dating back to the Stone Age, the pre… Read more

Mining’s Future in a Green Economy

Michael Goehring, CEO, Mining Association of BC discusses mining’s important role in the green economy. credit: Mining Association of British Columbia “BC is a hotbed of innovation, so our industry is working closely with… Read more
Exploration at Mount Polley

Exploration at Mount Polley

An exploration area at the Mount Polley site called the Frypan/Morehead, located west and north of the mine, covering approximately 3 x 3 kilometres, has recently been the focus of exploration. This area is a largely till covered magnetic… Read more
Remediated wetland habitat in Polley Flats

Mount Polley Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring programs and closure research projects at Mount Polley mine site continue as planned. Remediation construction at the lower Hazeltine Creek and Edney Creek began this summer. Mount Polley staff, with assista… Read more
Soda Creek Indian Band tour

Remediation continues at Mount Polley Mine site

Please check out this write-up by the Soda Creek First Nations on the remediation work being done at Mount Polley and the tour completed by South Creek Indian Band (SCIB). Remediation continues at Mt Polley Mine site (PDF)… Read more
Site tour of Quesnel lake

Experts recommend leaving tailings in Quesnel Lake

Lately we have received questions about the water quality at Quesnel Lake, so here are a few Q&A’s which address this subject. First, what it means to conduct remediation? According to the BC Environmental Management Act, “remediati… Read more

Briefing Note on Hamilton et al 2020 paper

The following provides some comments from Mount Polley Mining Corporation (MPMC) on the Hamilton paper (Hamilton, et al. 2020)[1] regarding Quesnel Lake in relation to the TSF Breach at Mount Polley. The note is divided into general comm… Read more
Collecting spawning Rainbow Trout from Hazeltine Creek. This was a challenge as the new fish habitat was vast and the fish had lots of places to hide! [May 2018]

Mount Polley built and managed an on-site fish hatchery in 2018

After the spill, a population monitoring program on Polley Lake indicated there had probably been a reduction in the age class of the population of Rainbow Trout (as upper Hazeltine Creek was the main spawning area for these trout). There w… Read more

Mining and Mineral Processing at the Mount Polley mine

In the Mount Polley Mine, run-of-mine ore from the open pits and underground is hauled to the crusher.  The crusher has three stages of crushing involving five crushers, twenty conveyors and four sets of screens.  Ore is dumped… Read more

How does Mount Polley decide to process?

Gold and Copper The broken rock in the open pit is segregated into ore and waste based on the assay of rock cuttings sourced from the blasthole production drills. This assay analysis determines the sulphide copper percentage and gold grams… Read more
Mount Polley workers

Who works at Mount Polley?

At Mount Polley, we look for individuals to join our workforce who display a variety of skills and training levels. We have a training department that will train workers from other industries. Our key goal is to source workers locally. The f… Read more