Exploration at Mount Polley

Exploration at Mount Polley

An exploration area at the Mount Polley site called the Frypan/Morehead, located west and north of the mine, covering approximately 3 x 3 kilometres, has recently been the focus of exploration. This area is a largely till covered magnetic high with a similar magnetic response to that obtained over the Mount Polley mine host rock of monzonite and hydrothermally altered monzonite breccia pipes.

A total of 948 soil samples were collected and analyzed using the Mobile Metal Ion technique. SJ Geophysics completed an 80.7 line kilometre Volterra-3D Induced Polarization (IP) survey covering the same grid area. Numerous, high priority targets were outlined.

Another Volterra-3D Induced Polarization (IP) survey was conducted over the Mount Polley mine site to identify the geophysical response of the known mineralization to aid in prioritizing targets on the Frypan/Morehead area. The survey consisted of 81.5 line kilometres and was successful in delineating the known mineralization, as well as outlining several new un-tested areas in the vicinity of the mine.

A drill program is planned to test the geophysical anomalies.

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