A Year of Community & Connection: Reflecting on Mount Polley’s Local Engagement in 2023

January 31, 2024
As we reflect on the past year, Mount Polley is proud to have been a part of a wide array of events and initiatives that brought our community closer, highlighted our shared values, and celebrated our local culture and spirit. Here’s a… Read more »

Mount Polley Honoured with Jake McDonald Annual Reclamation Award

October 16, 2023
🌿 Celebrating Excellence in Reclamation: Mount Polley Mining Corporation and Habitat Remediation Working Group Honoured with Jake McDonald Annual Reclamation Award 🌿 Imperial Metals is pleased to share that on September 20, 2023, Mou… Read more »

Mount Polley’s BBQ & “Thrill of the Grill” Fundraiser: Mining for Miracles and Supporting BC Children’s Hospital in Style!

June 23, 2023
When it comes to digging up support for a great cause, Mount Polley’s personnel and suppliers took their skills from the open pit to the BBQ pit. With each juicy burger flipped, they unearthed a mountain of generosity! Over a series of BBQs he… Read more »

Join us for the 2nd annual Mount Polley Fishing Derby May 20-22

May 18, 2023
Attention all fishermen and families! The 2nd Annual Mount Polley Fishing Derby on Quesnel Lake is back and better than ever! Mark your calendars for May 20-22 and get ready to cast your lines in one of the most beautiful fishing spots in the a… Read more »

Mount Polley in the News: Latest Updates on the Local Mine

March 30, 2023
Mount Polley was recently featured in the Williams Lake Tribune. The Mount Polley mine is back in full operation and is proud to be a significant local employer providing jobs and supporting the local community in Williams Lake. Since reop… Read more »

Community Update Q3 2022

February 13, 2023
Salmon Watch For the second year in a row, significant numbers of adult Sockeye Salmon have been observed using the reconstructed habitat in the lower reaches of Hazeltine and Edney Creeks. Peak observations were made in mid September wit… Read more »

Community Update Q2 2022

December 2, 2022
A letter from the Mount Polley team Everyone at Mount Polley Mine has been busy commissioning the mill and preparing the mine for full scale operations.  We are at full production mining in the pit, stockpiling materials for future mi… Read more »

Mount Polley Fishing Derby

August 3, 2022
The Mount Polley Fishing Derby was a huge success! It was a great weekend that brought together families, fishers and boaters, local vendors, and musicians. The derby was a public event held at Cedar Point Park on Quesnel Lake over the July 8… Read more »

Community Update Q1 2022

July 28, 2022
Figure 1 Long Nose Suckers forming a spawn ball as they spawn in Hazeltine Creek A letter from the Mount Polley Team Happy Spring everybody!  Things at the mine are still moving along towards an operations phase.  We have limited… Read more »

Mount Polley Community Update Q4 2021

April 4, 2022
A letter from the Mount Polley Team,The Mount Polley mine team hopes that this finds you well and healthy.The team at Mount Polley are continuing to prepare for a mine restart along with routine care and maintenance activities. We have many… Read more »

Mount Polley Community Update Q3 2021

January 6, 2022
Happy fall everybody. Our team at Mount Polley hopes that this finds you well. Things at the mine continue to get busier as we prepare for a mine re-start along with our routine care and maintenance activities. We have had many visitors to the… Read more »

A letter from the Mount Polley Team

March 3, 2021
Happy Holidays – we hope that everyone enjoyed a joyous holiday season and wish you all the best for 2021. A Covid-19 update – Mount Polley employees continue to take additional precautions to minimize the risks of COVID19 tra… Read more »

Mount Polley is Canadian Mining, Hockey is Canada’s sport

December 22, 2020
Hockey is Canada’s Sport! And mining plays a big role in making the sport possible. Hockey sticks, skates and nets are all made of materials mined in Canada. The most popular hockey sticks are one-piece composite sticks — typically o… Read more »
Collecting spawning Rainbow Trout from Hazeltine Creek. This was a challenge as the new fish habitat was vast and the fish had lots of places to hide! [May 2018]

Mount Polley built and managed an on-site fish hatchery in 2018

August 21, 2020
After the spill, a population monitoring program on Polley Lake indicated there had probably been a reduction in the age class of the population of Rainbow Trout (as upper Hazeltine Creek was the main spawning area for these trout). There w… Read more »
Mount Polley workers

Who works at Mount Polley?

July 10, 2020
At Mount Polley, we look for individuals to join our workforce who display a variety of skills and training levels. We have a training department that will train workers from other industries. Our key goal is to source workers locally. The f… Read more »
Dr. 'Lyn Anglin

Mount Polley Remediation Leader Named CIM Distinguished Lecturer

July 9, 2020
Imperial congratulations to Dr. ‘Lyn Anglin on being named a recipient of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum’s (CIM) Distinguished Lecturer award.  The CIM Awards honour the mining industry’s “finest for… Read more »
Personal Protective Equipment

Mount Polley is doing its part during COVID-19

April 21, 2020
We hope that you and your family are staying safe and following the preventative measures and actions you can take to stay healthy and prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are doing our part during COVID-19. Imperial Metals Mount Polley mine h… Read more »
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Staying connected to the community during Mount Polley’s remediation

April 7, 2020
Did you know that over the past six years, over 39 community meetings have been organized and hosted by Mount Polley management and environmental staff? Mount Polley is committed to the environment and to ensuring the community is kept up t… Read more »