Magentite ore

Magnetite and Magnetite Mining in Canada

March 3, 2021
Magnetite (also magnet iron, magnet iron stone, iron oxide, or iron (II, III) oxide) is the most stable iron oxide with high resistance to acids and alkalis. It has a cubic crystal system and a chemical molecular formula Fe3O4. One of the iro… Read more »
Canadian silver coin

Silver and Silver Mining

February 23, 2021
Silver is a soft metal with many valuable properties that make it a desirable resource for reasons both practical and luxurious. The chemical element goes by the ‘Ag’ symbol on the periodic table of elements and comes with a me… Read more »
Canadian mining fashion

Gold, Nickel, fashion and Canadian mining

January 21, 2021
We can’t wait until the day we have a reason to dress up again! Until then, let’s talk about how Canadian mining provides minerals that help shape fashion trends here and around the world.  Gold  has been used for making jewelry for thousand… Read more »
Indium, Gold, Copper and Canadian mining

Copper, Gold, Indium, and Canadian mining in our lives

January 14, 2021
Never before in history has technology played such an integral role in our daily lives. From Zoom meetings on our iPads, to multi-monitor at-home workstations, to celebrating a holiday with our loved ones through a screen, our devices are… Read more »

Mount Polley is Canadian Mining, Hockey is Canada’s sport

December 22, 2020
Hockey is Canada’s Sport! And mining plays a big role in making the sport possible. Hockey sticks, skates and nets are all made of materials mined in Canada. The most popular hockey sticks are one-piece composite sticks — typically o… Read more »