Springer Pit Tailings Removal Complete and Tailings Dry Stacked atop the South East Rock Storage Area.

The 2.2 M m3 of tailings that had been stored in the Springer Pit have been removed and are now stored in cells atop an area used to store unmineralized rock. Dry stacking of tailings began on May 8, 2023 and was completed this week.

The tailings that have been dry stacked at Mount Polley, were deposited in the Springer Pit from August 2015 to June 2016 while the Tailings Storage Facility was being repaired.

With the tailings removed, the stripping ratio for the remainder of the Phase 4 pit is much less than 1 to 1, and prestripping work on Phase 5 has begun.

Springer and Cariboo pits (2022) prior to restart.

Springer and Cariboo pits May 2024.

The diagram above is a cross section of the Springer Pit at Mount Polley with tailings removed.

P&H 2300 Shovel on 940 bench mining tailings in Springer Pit

The photograph above shows a dozer spreading a lift of tailings atop the southeast rock storage area.

The photograph below shows dry stacked tailings stored in cells atop the southeast rock storage area.

Resloped cell rib in southeast rock storage area that contains dry stacked Springer tailings.

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